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The courses are held in London at The Whole Health Centre in Belsize Park, North-west London. It is very accessible and well-appointed with hotels, cafes and restaurants. A list of affordable near-by accommodations can be provided on demand. It is also possible to hold the courses at your own venue or clinic as long as there is a fully plumbed colonic treatment room and a minimum of 2 students. Room set-up can be organised ahead of time with distant support.

There is no restriction on traveling distance but if you live abroad it may be necessary to modify the course structure in order to make it fit inside a 10 day period.

Please contact me to discuss means and timing on Anne-Lise Miller +44 (0)7502 222 269.

Substantial discounts are available for groups of 3 or more students. Courses are taught in English but can also be taught through a translator.

October - November 2021

Module 1

From Friday

To Monday




Module 2

From Wednesday

To Saturday





Training in Professional Colon Hydrotherapy represents an investment £1,850.

This is inclusive of part I and part II of the course, copious course notes, course manual, business and homework support and professional mentoring with practice set-up.

Professional Development Modules (some of which may be compulsory) and case study supervision are not included in this fee. This is because those depend on the student's prior learning, personal requirements and experience.

A £500 deposit is required prior to the start of the course to secure a space. The remaining course fee is due on the first day of the course. More flexible payment terms can be arranged if necessary but must be agreed prior to enroling on the course. 

The course is on the UK Register of Learning Providers for the benefit of students who may be elligeable for financial support. 

Please note that application to the course includes  a recommended reading list with compulsory reading that should be studied prior to the onset of the course. This is not included in the course fee.

The independent diploma examination is additional to the course and is booked and paid separately. Exam fee is £350.

There is an additional, coaching exam preparation day available to the student. This is not included in the course fee and is £150.

As part of their pre-exam experience students are also requested to seak professional supervision from their local registered therapist. The number depends on the student's abilities and prior learning and is set to a minimum of three treatments on three different individuals.

Coaching and supervision of treatments are available at the Whole Health Centre. The fee for this service including material etc. is £100.